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Publication 21: 1/20/2020

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy..#students

THEORY of ACTION - If Gompers teachers engage in standards-based instruction with increasingly higher levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) tasks and provide opportunities for collaborative work, then students will think critically and strategically, which will positively impact their conceptual understanding and transferable skills.


The journey of a thousand miles....begins with one step.... journeys are always fluid and under construction. As we close this 1st semester together...I simply say THANK YOU!! I can say without hesitation that I have truly learned so much from all of you and the Gompers way. Thank you for being so patient, supportive, and understanding while I learned and continue to learn about #GATORNATION. All of you are AWESOME! Thank you for your dedication and all that you do for our students and families. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

As we are embarking on Semester 2. Can you believe it??!!! our work continues in our focus area of Depth of Knowledge through increased text and task opportunities for students in all content areas.

As a result, we are going to deepen our work on the daily learning intentions, increased reading text mediums and problem-solving in support of student's progression of transferring content understanding and skills/strategies.

Although we are focusing our collective work in DOK, we will also continue to examine student progress on other assessments, like our Synergy Assessments, IABS and FRSA/RAPID to guide our instruction and addressing the needs of our students through differentiation. The goal is for all of us to be on the same page with the process of what we expect from our students and analyzing our students' results in order to create the next steps in support of their academic success. Our upcoming staff/grade Band and Professional Release meeting will be examining our collective data and determine the next steps.


Dr. Miller

Druthers Survey - Staff Interest 2020-21

Click the link to submit your information - Due Jan. 24, 2020

Status of Funding Accounts & Site Categorical Budget Allocations for 2020 - 21

Attached is the status of our current site's categorical funds and the allocation for 2020-21.

Our current status of funds will alter some practices at Gompers in the immediate 19-20(quarter 4 future) ie. duty schedules before school and recess. Why is this happening: The changes in the law that began 1/2019 for all classified state employees to be under specific laws have altered and or drastically changed the funding amount with medical leave and sick leave now part of the calculations. Additionally, the cost of certified benefit contribution continues to grow each year. Thereby, causing the drastic change in funds usage.

Please review:

The Safe and Civil Team will be working collaboratively to develop changes in practices and in communication with the SDM team.

Library Materials - $5,000 to Gompers for Books!

Library Materials

Great News! The Supt. has granted site with library funds. We will receive $5,000 to add materials to our library that represent our student body---more culturally relevant materials and high-interest student books!!!! Exciting news! If you know of titles that would be great to add, please share that info with Ms. Juarez

Saturday School Opportunity for Gompers Students????

Gompers can use the Low Performing Block grant to support students with additional services/interventions through a highly used program opportunity in our district; Saturday School.

Planning Thoughts:

5 or 6 Saturdays: 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/28, 4/4 & 4/24

Students Serviced:

1. 4th (first) because they do not have any tutoring services this year

2. Middle School Grades 7 & 8

Purpose: SBAC readiness, and increasing text mediums strategies

Subjects: 90 Minutes of ELA and 90 Minutes of Math

Time Frame: 8:45 to 11:45 (with students)

Paid Time: 4 hours

If you are interested in this opportunity as a teacher, please email me. There are resources that the district has developed to support implementation.

Achievement Report K-5 Reminders

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19-20 Data and Assessments.....

ELA Synergy & RAPID Assessment Calendar(s) for K-5

Click the embedded link to view the calendar

MATH Synergy Assessment Calendar for 2-5

Click the embedded link to view the calendar

How to progress monitor CORE 5 Data?

How might you use the CORE 5 Data to support "focused" small group instruction opportunities? Click the link for a data process:

All Tk-5 Teachers - Register for the Upcoming RAPID Courses #3 & #4 in myPD

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Culture and Climate

Words Kids Love to Hear

.72 Difference in Student Achievement Increases....It's about Relationships, Relationships and RELATIONSHIPS

J. Hattie's research supports teacher and student relationships with a positive increase in achievement levels by .72. In order to really develop relationships to support all JROB Dolphins, we must explicitly and effectively engage students in social-emotional learning. Our message to students, along with our actions and interactions can make a BIG impact! We all grow and thrive in a positive environment!

Please check your box for possible resources to use in the upcoming KINDNESS CHALLENGE WEEK!! 1/27 - 1/31

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School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

GAME Room for 4-8

Playground Expectations

Duty/Playground Schedules (Quarter 4)


Next Meeting on 1/21/2020


Meeting 2/12 @ 3:30

Help Desk Ticketing Information

Click the video to watch the new process for submission

Adjunct Duty

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SchoolWide Events Calendar

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

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January 2020

1/21 - SDM @ 8:00am

1/21 - 4th - Walkthrough California (all day)

1/21 - Boys Basketball Scrimmage

1/22 - Music @ CSULB -10:30 -1 2:30

1/22 - Miller, Quamma, Ramirez, Alvarez -off-site/TRC EL ILT

1/23 - Cotsen: Evans & Duran - off-site

1/23 - 3rd Fieldtrip - Ramirez

1/23 - Staff Collaboration - Band Meeting (ILT Members Lead)

1/24 - End of Semester 1 ( Please ensure you have knowledge of all dates and deadlines)

1/24 - Miller of site

1/25 - Education Celebration @ Cabrillo HS - 9 to 12

1/27 - Master Schedule "subcommittee"

1/29 - 1st Female Leadership Academy Meeting @ 2:50 - Library

1/30 - Emergency Preparedness Staff Meeting

1/31 - Quarterly Visitation - ILT (8-11)

1/30 - SOM @ 2:30

2/3 - Master Schedule "subcommittee"

2/3 - Mathew Brown on Site for Admin Coverage

2/4 - 6 - Professional Release Days

2/5 - Knotts Berry Farm/Algebra students

2/6 - George Tsai on-site for Admin Coverage