Barcelona, Spain

By Chris Difelice and William Goldscheitter

Exact Location

Barcelona is in Spain and on the continent of Europe. Barcelona is in the North-Eastern part of the country. The city is in the North- Eastern hemispheres.


Barcelona goes back over 2000 years! Many tombs and historical sights have been found allowing us to look farther into Barcelona's history. The legend of Hercules originated in Barcelona. Barcelona is a wonderful city that has a history like no other!


Barcelona is located northeast of the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona has one of the busiest sea port in the world. Barcelona is fixated on a plateau with the Collserola Mountain range.
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Barcelona has one of the best soccer teams in the world!! Which includes one of the best if not the best soccer players in the world, its Messi! Barcelona is known for their good sports teams around the world.
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Barcelona has a very mild climate going form a average of 55 degrees in January to about 86 degrees in August.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou is a very notorious soccer club located in Barcelona. Since the club was build in 1957 it has been a main attraction for all ages. Camp Nou has the largest capacity of a soccer stadium in all of Europe! Many people come to see competitive soccer, eat good food, and meet the nice people of Barcelona.
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Barcelona Beaches

The beaches in Barcelona are very popular and beautiful. To most the beaches are the place to hang out and relax on a crisp sunny day. Some of the most populated beach in Spain is in fact named Barcelona!
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In Barcelona there are two main languages spoken, Catalan and Spanish. Catalan is the more prominent language spoken. It is primarily spoken in offices and schools.
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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. It's population is around 1,620,943. That is 100,000 more people than the city of Philadelphia!!

$ Currency $

The main currency used in Barcelona is the Euro. It became official in 1999 taking over the Italian Lira. The Lira is still used today for bank transactions.
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Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The fountain is located at the head of the Montjuic neighborhood in Barcelona. The fountain houses a light show every night around 8:00 pm. It is sure a pleasant site to see!
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Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a very old church located in Barcelona. It started to be built in 1882, and is over 130 years old! It is a Roman Catholic church, and is still not finished to this day!
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