NCPS Professional Learning Books

2017-18 Updates on the Collection~

Saxe Library Hosts the District's Professional Collection...

The media center staff is ready to service your professional learning resource needs for the upcoming school year.

In an effort to provide opportunities for all teachers and staff across the district to use the collection efficiently, we ask that you take a few moments to review the information below.

Let's Answer Your Questions!

How many titles are in the professional collection and how can I see a list?

There are over 360 professional learning print titles the district owns.

CLICK here to see the entire list.

How can I get a book sent to my school?

You can call or email the Saxe library staff with the title(s) you would like and we will inter- office the title(s) to you. You will have 4 months for each book.

If you need more time, just let us know. Additionally, an inter-library loan(ILL) can be placed on a book through Destiny Library Management System. See your building based library team for assistance on holds within Destiny.

Who do I contact to get a hold of the title I want?

Library Office Contact Sue Randall or Ronnie Breznen at ext. 4532

or email:,

Library Main Circulation/Checkout Desk Contact Sue or Ronnie: ext. 4529

Librarian Mona Biondi Contact at ext. 4566 or email:

Librarian Monica Sheehan Contact at ext. 4530 or email:

How will I know when a new book is added to the collection?

A Powerpoint will feature the new titles as they are entered into the collection.

Click here to bookmark the page.

Are there professional learning in the form of digital resources I can access from school?

Professional, educational databases are available in school through our state library!

To access professional, educational databases Connecticut’s State library provides online resources through Research IT CT. Professional learning material can be accessed in school through databases like: Explora Educator’s Edition, Teacher Reference Center, Professional Development Collection, ERIC and Academic Search Premier.
View a more detailed list of resources here.

Can I make a suggestion for collection purchase?

Yes! We welcome suggestions.

Please click on this link to provide the details of your suggestion. Thank you.

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