The Outbreak of Ideas

The Uprising of Political Revolution

What happened? Why so many changes?

Political revolutions have occurred throughout history for many years. The reasoning for them is because of a poor or bad reasons, and usually do not end very well. In some situations, a political revolution could result in positive ways. It could be an outbreak of new ideas and changes in the government. All in all, political revolutions are major changes in every country.

Cuban Revolution

The background and causes for the Cuban revolution are very relateable because in some places they are still problems. The Cuban revolution was also cause by unemployment and a lack of water infrastructure. Many lucrative links to organize crimes and being bossed around by the American companies was due to Bastita's desires. This was the starting of the overthrow of Bastita by Fidel Castro.

Castro decided to launch an armed revolution to overcome Bastita. This resulted in finding a paramilitary organization, which is known as "The Movement". After this, laws were given out to provide equality. In the end, positive changes came from this. Education, housing, medical facilities, and many more useful places were now provided.

Do the benefits outweigh the costs?...

Pros of Political Revolution:

-Overthrowing of unfair governments.

-New rules/guidelines which made people happier.

-New government allowed people to expresss their own opinions.

Cons of Political Revolution:

-Many people were killed in war for their freedom.

-Some people do not like the change of things.

-Loss of importance in government or capital.

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