Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier



Jean-Claude was the son of Francois and was born in 1951, also known as "baby doc". He was the president of Haiti but got overthrown in 1986. Killing millions of haitians was what he was all about, he even made millions of dollars by selling the dead body parts of them. Jean-Claude lived a lavish lifestyle with making loads of money through his tobacco industry. He neglected the government side and mainly just focused on himself and how much money he would make in the end. Since he had a lot of money other foreign countries wanted to be on his side so they would hopefully get some assistance from him. After a popular rebellion he was overthrown and than sent to France

Francois Duvalier also known as "papa doc" was a famous dictator Haiti. He was elected president as well but only ruled until his death in 1971. Most of the country was in poverty except the Duvalier family, they took bribes and any money they could get. He was involved in politics and that led him to being a president. All he wanted people to really know him by was being the country s doctor and doing whatever is took to keep his country safe and one of the best it could be. After he died and was president anymore a couple years later the people of the country were very sick and malnourished.

Dear. Citizens of Haiti

All I ever wanted to achieve is too make this the country the best it ever could be, mainly wanting to end lots of sicknesses and disease's that were being spread all over. I came very interested in the studies of voodoo and it works. I tried and tried to make the economy and political part of the country very effective and successful. I hope that one day when I pass my son will be able to take over the country for me. Even though some people are probably upset with me because I killed thousands of people and corrupted some of the country, I had to do what I had to do in order to fix the country in the long run.

The powerful duo

This is a picture of Francois and his son Jean-Claude just a little before Francois's death and when Jean-Claude became president of Haiti. Francois was showing his son that he had the support needed in order to become the president. I'm sure he was proud of his son for taking over the country and keeping their legacy of work up in power.

Essential Question?

What did Francois wanted to do for the country of Haiti, and what resulted from his presidency?