Rome's Most Wanted


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Archetype- Tragic Hero

Brutus patriotism lead him to make a mistake in killing Caesar. Cassius influence on Brutus lead him to his down fall. Brutus action on killing Caesar has a reason he believed it was the best for Rome unlike many of the other conspirators in witch their actions were based on jealousy.

Wanted For:

-killing Caesar


-betraying his friend(Caesar)

Five facts about Brutus


-believes strongly in the republic supports government

-strong sense of honor

-Anthony believes Brutus is "the noblest of Romans"

-His full name:Marcus Junius Brutus

-In his spare time Brutus took up poetry


-Kill like a charm

-950 denarius

this magical sword is made up of pure silver yet it is light easy to carry and fight with it is also very sharp.

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-Faster than the speed of light

-10,000 Denarius

This horse is big and strong grew up in the wealthiest of farms pure breed and is trained to obey its owner.

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