Religion purposes

By Todd. D

What is a symbol?

A symbol is something that represents something without words.

The bread and wine

The bread and wine represents the body and blood of Jesus
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The star of David - Judaism

The star of David has been a symbol of jewish religion since the 17th century.
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What is a Belief?

A Belief is something people believe in whether it is real or not


In christianity people believe that when you die you go to Heaven
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Jesus - Judaism

They believe that christ hasn't come yet.
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What is a Ritual?

A ritual is something that they do very often. For e.g every week


Mass/Church is a ritual in christianity.
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Washing - Judaism

A ritual in Judaism is washing.
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Myths and other stories

What are Myths and other Stories?

Myths and other stories are stories that may or may not be true

Adam and Eve

A myth is that Adam and Eve were the first people created by God
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Jesus and God - Judaism

Jesus Christ is not the son of God who was anointed as the Messiah in Fulfillment of Torah Prophecy.

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Sacred Texts

What are Sacred Texts?

Sacred Texts are important writing or special religious writing.

The Bible

The Bible is a important piece of religious writing
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Torah - Judaism

The Torah is a script and a sacred text in Judaism
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Social Structures

What are social structures?

Social structures are the order of hierarchy .

The pope

The pope is at the top of the social structure.
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God - Judaism

God is at the top of the hierarchy in Judaism
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Ethics (codes of behaviour)

What are ethics (codes of behaviour?)

Ethics are like a set of Rules.

10 commandments

Ethics in Christianity might be the 10 commandments.

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The Hebrew Bible

Jewish ethics may be said to originate with the Hebrew Bible.

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Religious experience and spirituality

What is religious experience and spirituality?

Like a wonder or awe religious moment.

The Burning Bush

Moses and The Burning Bush is a spiritual moment in both Judaism and Christianity.
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