6th Grade LV Technology

By Sydney Schroeder

Typing Web

  • In technology for typing web, we do a five minute warm up and practice our typing.
  • This program is meant to teach you how to use the keyboard the correct way.
  • We had to finish the intermediate course before the first quarter ended.
  • They are beginner which we did in 5th grade then in 6th grade we did intermediate and advanced
  • When you got to the advanced course you were able to get a picture taken and put up on the tip top typists board


  • A iTrailer is a movie trailer made on a app called iMovie
  • What we had to do was pick a topic to make our trailer on and have good photos and some text to make the trailer flow well
  • You had the choice of presenting it to the class
  • All photos had to be from you not google
  • We did this project in the second quarter

Haiku Deck

  • This project was on our dream job on what we wanted to be when we grow up
  • The information had to be from a program called Career Locker
  • We had to present your Haiku Deck to the class
  • There had to be at least 10 slides of information about the job, like, what you do at the job, what college degree you need, 3 tasks, where you do this job, etc.
  • The app is meant to only have little amount of text, so we couldn't have a lot of words on or slide
  • We had to go over the do's and don'ts on how to present

Explain Everything

  • For this project we had to pick a math problem off of Schoology
  • We had to solve the problem and show our work on the slides
  • Had to record ourselves saying the problem and how to solve it
  • This project didn't have to be presented to the class
  • If we wanted to write on the slides you had to use a stylist not your finger
  • You could insert pictures and use supplies to show how to solve the problem

Career Locker

  • Mrs. VandenBoogaard came into are class for five days and talked about the program Career Locker
  • Within the five days we had to choose a job that really interested us
  • The career part tied in with the Haiku Deck project
  • In this we had to find out about colleges, tuition costs, played games with the progarm, classes you would have to take
  • One of the first days or two Mrs. VandenBoogaard gave a presentation about college and who is thinking about their future
  • One the last day Mrs. VandenBoogaard let us just explore the website on our own


  • This website had us practice on our programming skills
  • Some of the programming names that we did are angry birds, plants vs. zombies, minecraft, frozen, the artist.
  • There was different stages to do for all differnt grade levels
  • To get a 4 you had to finish 8-9 stages