Teaching in the Savior's Way

Week 2

Reading Assignment

President Shanklin has instructed the stake council to read the new teaching booklet "Teaching in the Savior's Way" prior to our next stake council meeting on the 22nd of June. The purpose of this message is to encourage reading and pondering of this new material that we can effectively counsel together to improve gospel teaching and learning in the units and homes of the Springfield South Stake.

Reading this Week

Introduction - Teaching the Gospel in the Savior's Way

Watch the video linked below and reflect on your own gospel teaching. Remember that each of us likely have multiple roles as gospel teachers - home/visiting teachers, church lessons, leadership, and teaching our families at home.

Notice the section at the end of the Introduction called "For the Discussion Leader." The same basic three steps are carried throughout the teaching process.

1. Connect/Share

2. Learn Together

3. Invite/Practice

Notice in particular the link under the 'Practice' heading to a self evaluation called "Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation." (also found linked below) Take the time to answer the questions about each of your teaching roles. Celebrate what you do well, and prayerfully select a few things in which you can improve.

This self reflection tool follows the same section layout as the handbook itself.