I love you Tiggy

Forever and Always

Dear Jeremiah,

Words could not express just how much you mean to me or how much I want you <3 I love you so very much Jeremiah and I can't say that enough for you to truly know just how much that is or how much I mean it. When I think from the day we first started dating to today I honestly can't believe how far we've come together or how many memories we've made together and moments we share :) I never would have thought that at this moment I'd have you beside me, loving you so much it hurts, wanting to spend my entire life with you and never wanting a moment to go by without you <3 You make me the happiest girl in the world Jeremiah :) You do so much right and even when we make mistakes we work through them :) I can't see my life without you and I never want to spend it without you.

I love all the little things you do babe and I think you are perfect the way you are :D I wouldn't want you any other way ;) I love cuddling with you, hearing your heartbeat <3 I love hugging you tightly and being in your arms where I feel safe and calm <3 I love holding your hand and never letting go <3 I love kissing you feeling all the emotions we feel in one single kiss we share <3 I love feeling your hands on me and I love touching you :D I love your body and find you exceedingly handsome ;) I could stare at you all day and I'd never get tired of seeing you and thinking about how handsome you are :) I love hearing your voice and never get tired of listening to you talk <3 I love watching you sleep and how peaceful you look :) I could go on and on but all of that adds up to two things, you <3 and I love all of you no matter what <3 I love everything you do and the little things about you ;)

Jeremiah, you honestly make me really happy...I can't remember ever being this happy with anyone and I never want to lose the happiness and love we have with each other <3 I'll never let go of you nor will I ever stop working at our relationship and making it better ;) There is so much I want to do with you that I often have to remind myself to calm down and slow down, to enjoy each and every moment with you because I know that time flies <3 and I never want to miss a single moment with you :) I want to love you forever and always Jeremiah and I'll never stop loving you <3
I keep trying to find words so you can see what I feel and what I see but...I can't because for me you are that amazing and wonderful, I could never find the words except that I love you <3 Forever and Always and I'll never ever leave you, I want to be with you forever my Tiggy <3 :)