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Weeks 1 - 3

Upcoming Events: A brief overview (details below)

September 3 - Tuner Check

September 25 - Region Bootcamp

September 28 - Beginner Informance

October 15 - Medieval Times Social

October 30 - Region Auditions

November 1 - Fall Concert

Tuner Check

Please make sure your student has a clip-on tuner.

If your student has had their tuner for a year or more, please check with them to see if they are in need of a fresh battery.

We will be checking in with students September 3rd to make sure everyone has acquired their clip-on tuner. Please make sure to order one if you have not done so already.

Recommended Models:

Violin/Viola: D'addario NS Micro

Cello/Bass: Clip on tuner

Region Bootcamp - September 25

*This event is only for select students who are signed up for region auditions*

Maus middle school will be hosting a region bootcamp for Frisco ISD students preparing for all-region. If you are already signed up for region auditions and would like an extra boost of help, make sure to mark your calendars. More information will be coming out to register for this event soon.

Beginner Informance - September 28, 6PM

Required performance for all Beginner Orchestra students.

F2F students will perform at Lawler. Students will be expected to report to campus by 5:30 PM

Virtual students will perform with us virtually and will need to log on by 5:45 PM.

Performance will begin for parents at 6PM

This is an 'Informance': an informative performance where beginner students will perform and your orchestra directors will walk parents through what you should be seeing at home.

Parents, please plan to join us f2f or virtually. We will offer a live stream of this event.

Medieval Times - October 15

This is an optional social event. Please click HERE for more information. Ticket purchase must be complete by Sept. 24th to attend.

Fall Concert - November 1 @Centennial HS

Required event for all Advanced Orchestra students.

Concerts are a Major Grade and the culmination of a learning unit in orchestra. All students from the Chamber, Camerata, Sinfonia, and Philharmonia orchestras are required to perform.

Call times will vary. Concert will begin for parents at 6PM

Beginner students who attend will receive extra credit for being an audience member.

We need Volunteers!

Volunteer Interest form

Please click here to let us know how you can help

Practice Strategies

One of the most common obstacles our students face is the inability to practice efficiently and effectively outside of class time. Therefore, one of our primary goals this year is to give your student the tools and resources to continue growing beyond the classroom.

We will be rolling out a series of practice strategies that will be taught during class, assessed through canvas, and hopefully something that your student will be able to carry with them throughout their musical lives.

One of the key things we want students to understand is that practice time is valuable, BUT the quality and effectiveness of practice time is far more important than the actual amount of time spent. Two students who practice for the same amount of time can have drastically different outcomes based on the quality of their practice time.

Check out this TedEd video about some general strategies to make the most of your practice time.

How to practice effectively...for just about anything - Annie Bosler and Don Greene

Lawler Middle School Orchestra

Christine LaLonde - Orchestra Director, lalondec@friscoisd.org

Kevin Sluder - Orchestra Director, sluderk@friscoisd.org

Young Park - Harp Instructor, parky@friscoisd.org