Ultraviolet Radiation

A science project done by: Julia Armstrong

4 Uses of UV radiation

Some of the four uses of radiation are: Killing bacteria, creating fluorescent effects, curing inks, and suntanning.
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Video (explains more about Ultraviolet radiation)

Frequency and Wavelength range: 10^15-10^17 Hz Frequency, Wavelength: 400nm-1nm

New Technology

A new dentistry machine made in 2011 used to kill bacteria in the mouth. This machine shoots pulses of UV waves killing the bacteria. 3 foot machine, with xenon gas which is harmless is inside this machinery. It helps cleans thousands of peoples' rooms all around the hospitals. No people have yet died, so everyone has cleaner mouths, healthier mouths. Xenon is produced Brian Cruver in 11/02/11
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