Andrew Jackson

Major General in the War of 1812

Before the War

Before the war, Jackson had never fought in a war or led any type of troops. However, this did not stop him from stepping up and leading a bunch of major battles in this war.

During the War

Jackson led a major battle. He led the battle of New Orleans along with taking Florida. During the battle at New Orleans, Jackson was shot in the arm which left him in a sling for a while. The sling did not stop him from fighting. He was also there when the Treaty of Fort Jackson was established.

After the War

Jackson decided to retire after the war. He went back to his home which was called the Hermitage. He soon realized that the country was not running as smooth as it should be. That was when he decided to run for President. He was first elected as a Senator. He was elected President in 1828. When he ran for re-election in 1832 and won once again. Jackson died shortly at the age of 78 in 1845.