Marthasville Family Newsletter

November 2021

Greetings Grateful Marthasville Families!

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our first Title 1 Trunk or Treat and Mrs. Bartel's book fair! I also want to give a shout out to all the parents who donated items for our teacher luncheon on Parent Teacher Conference Night. I appreciate each and every one of you!!

Veteran's Day

This year's Veteran's Day program will again be virtual and will feature a special video of our veterans.

If someone in your family is a veteran, please consider sending a picture and the following information to this e-mail:

We would love to include them in the video!

  • Name of Student and Grade

  • Name of Veteran

  • Branch of Military

  • Any other information you would like to add.

*All veterans pictures/information must be submitted by November 5th to be sure it is included in the video.

Important Dates

11/1 Fun Pasta Fundraiser Starts

11/2 Picture Retake Day

11/3 Elementary Literacy Night @ South Point Elementary 5:00-6:00

11/4-11/17 Food Drive Collection Window

11/11 Virtual Veteran's Day- link will be sent out that morning

11/15 Fun Pasta Fundraiser Orders Due

11/17 Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. TLC

11/18 Dine to Donate at Gables

11/19 Turkey Dinner during lunch

11/19 Mrs. Daffron staining benches after school, help is welcome!

11/23 4th grade Geography Bee (during school)

11/23 PTG Meeting 6:00 p.m. conference room

11/24-11/26 No School, Thanksgiving Break!

December Save the Date

12/10 Family Bingo Night- Info will be sent out mid-November. RSVPs are a must in order to properly plan.

Picture Day #2

Picture Retake Day is in the morning on November 2nd!

If anyone wishes to have their photo retaken (or taken for the first time due to absence), please bring in the old package and give it to the photographer so that we can replace the package with a new one from the new picture.

Marthasville's school order code is 64651DA

Marthasville's Annual Food Drive

Marthasville Elementary’s Reverse Advent Calendar Food Collection

Each day, add a new item to stuff the turkey! Our goal is 1,000 donated items.

This food drive will run Thursday, 11/4 to Wednesday, 11/17.

11/4- Noodles (any kind of pasta- boxes or bags)

11/5- Pasta Sauces (any kind)

11/8- Boxed Potatoes and Stuffing

11/9- Cereal and Oatmeal

11/10- Hamburger Helper and Mac n Cheese

11/11- Peanut Butter and Jelly jars

11/12- Soup and Canned tuna and chicken

11/15- Applesauce and Fruit (jars/cans)

11/16- Beans and Rice (cans, bags, or boxes)

11/17- Dessert Mixes (boxes or pouches)

All donations will be delivered to food pantries on 11/19. (If you don’t have these specific items at home, no worries, we will take any donations!)

Big picture

The Marthasville Buzz is back!

Big thanks to Mrs. Rowe, our awesome Library Para and our Journalism Club kiddos for bringing back our Marthasville Buzz! Here is the latest addition :)

PTG Meeting Minutes

Marthasville PTG Minutes


  1. Meeting to order @ 6:00 pm

  • Mrs. Daffron

  • Mrs. Bayless

  • Cassy Timpe

  • Elizabeth Voss

  • Lea Welter

  • Amanda Meyer

  1. Approval of Agenda

  • Elizabeth Voss - 1st

  • Cassy Timpe - 2nd

  1. Approval of Financial Report

    1. Started at $15,895.60

    2. Ending Balance at $12,176.10

    3. Still have check 3086 $100.00 and 3087 for $50.00 has not cleared as of yet (these are taken out of the balance above)

    4. Diane Bridges is going to make sure the checks are received and they are on the books for the trivia night

    5. Profits:

      1. Laundry Soap: $1,062.00

      2. Movie Night: $341.40 (Possibly do another movie night January 21st)

      3. Philly’s Dine to Donate $400.00

  • Lea Welter - 1st

  • Amanda Meyer- 2nd

  1. Fundraisers

    1. Randy’s Laundry Soap (possibly do in January next year)

      1. Total Profit was $1062

    2. Fun Pasta (email sent out to everyone to get an account set up - orders can be made already)

      1. Starts Nov 1, Return Nov 15, Submit Nov 17th. Del TBD

    3. Show Me Dough

      1. Sell Feb 1 to Feb 23, Delivery March 8th 1:30 pm

    4. Fundrive Clothing Collection (we profited $800.00 last year)

      1. Collect from Apr 25 to May 16th. Delivery May 24th, 2022 at 11am

    5. Trivia Night in April 23rd

      1. Date (April 23rd) /Time (still working on a time, possibly start at 6:00 - try to have times and things needed to be done by November meeting)

  2. Dine To Donates

    1. Coris - Nov 18th all day (everything is included except for Specials and will be all day)

    2. Other options: Mavericks, Moes, Wash Mo Snow, Orange Leaf/Fazoli - Lea has not heard from Mavericks so is going to reach out to Moe’s for January

  3. School improvement projects

    1. Stepping stones were placed around the birdhouse tree by Girl Scout Troop 450

    2. Outdoor classroom- waiting on wood prices to lower

    3. Elizabeth will get a darker stain, mineral spirits and brushes to stain the benches


    1. Outdoor classroom funds - everyone had decided the below is a great set up.

      1. We don’t have any sub accounts - Lea is wondering how we can separate out the funds for the outdoor classroom (don’t want to open another account)

      2. Elizabeth is also the treasurer of the Franklin County Jeeps club - they have one bank account and then seperate the balance out to what goes to where.

      3. Elizabeth will put together sub categories for what is needed for the rest of the year, reserves, and then what is left to start with for the pavilion and will bring it to the November meeting

    2. Christmas this will be talked about over text

  5. Close of meeting @ 6:51p.m.

  6. Next meeting is November 23rd @ 6:00p.m.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click on the link to access breakfast and lunch menus.


If your child arrives to school after the 7:45 bell, they will need to be signed in. A child can not "sign" themselves into school. Parents will have to park and walk their child up to the door to sign them in at the office. If you drive away and your child walks up alone, we will be calling you to come back to sign them in. School starts at 7:45 every day. We have seen a significant rise in tardies and this has a tremendous impact your child's day, as instruction begins promptly at 7:45. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen, however, the majority of the time this has not been the case. We appreciate your support in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or email.

Parent Portal and Attendance

Parent Portal

Please check your learner's grades often. If you are having trouble viewing (or finding) grades, call me and I will walk you through the process. Grades are posted weekly and you should be seeing graded assignments and assessments coming home. If you aren't, contact your learner's teacher.

Attendance During Quarantine

If your child is Covid + or on quarantine, we will need them to either zoom in for lessons, complete assignments posted in google classroom, or BOTH (preferably if possible). Attending zooms and completing work during a quarantine keeps a student's attendance from being marked to VA (verified absence). If students do what they are assigned, their attendance in Lumen will say DL (distance learner). The office touches base with teachers daily about student participation and work completion. If your child is having difficulties with any assignments, please reach out to the teacher for assistance.

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