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Convection All Around

Do you ask yourself what is convection? Well your in luck.On today's news we will learn about convection. Convection is the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to raise,and cooler, dense material to sink under gravity.If you ever get to ride a hot air balloon you will see a switch to turn on the flame. The flame traps the hot air and that's what makes the balloon to go up. Energy is transferred in the atmosphere. If you want to observe convection look at the pot with boiling water, you can see convection happening. Did you know that without clouds there would not be precipitation to supply water to the life on our earth. Substance that is heated expands and becomes less dense. If substance cools it becomes more dense. In conclusion convection is pretty hard to observe even though you cant see it convection is all around us. Thanks for reading Do You Know....