Solomon Radasky: Holocaust Survivor

The Story of a Man Who Lived

His backround

Solomon Radasky is a man from Warsaw, Poland. He grew up, owning a shop that made and sold fur coats. It was a simple life. He had 78 members of his family, and only he survived the disastrous events to come.

Solomon in the beginning of the Holocaust

In January, 1941, Solomon's mother and sister were killed because they did not have enough items to please the Judenrat. His father, in 1942, was killed after being seen taking bread from a helpful boy. Solomon was forced to work in a shop as a maker of fur coats for the German Army. He was then deported to the death camp, Majdanek, after he, in a stroke of luck, left the ghetto for a moment to see his sister alongside a Guard immediately before the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
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Solomon gets some help

In Auschwitz I, Solomon found an old friend. A man named Erlich came to him and warned him about what was going to happen. He told Solomon that he needed to escape. Solomon didn;'t know how. Afterwards, a man came into the room Solomon was in and asked if anyone wanted to go to work. Solomon realized that this was his chance. He was sent to work in the coal mines. Several other men realized this and decided to help him out, because most people last for around 2 weeks in that job. He was sent to work in the sand mines.


Solomon was married on November 11th, 1946. He and his wife Frieda moved to America 4 years later. His son was born on May 13, 1948 and Solomon was hired in the fur business for 50 cents an hour. He built himself and became very successful. "There were 375,000 Jews in Warsaw before the war. I doubt there are 5,000 living today." He said. "It was very important for me to tell this story."