Resources for #3D rendering, modeling, and printing.

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Android and iOS (Apple) Resources and Downloads

Downloads for your digital devices.

Tinkerplay : Design, customize, and print for 3D play.

123D Design : Create and edit in 3D

123D Catch : Generate 3D scans of virtually any object.

123D Sculpt : Shape your world in 3D.

eDrawings : Solidworks app for Android and iOS.

World Wide Web Resources

Resources you can use from the web.

SketchUp- Widely used multiplatform 3D tool; it is easy to learn but the free version has limitations.

Tinkercad- Online 3D modeling tool with some interesting capabilities.

Sculptris- Free Windows-based free-form 3D modeling tool.

A Few of Mr. Ketcham's Favorite Things:

Below are some sites that do the work for you. Anything you can imagine, has already been rendered!


Grab Cad: 1, 040, 000+ free cad models

Google 3D Warehouse: Works with free SketchUP download