Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest

Views from Ecuador By : Joshua Leiva


The Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest is located on the eastern lowlands of Ecuador. Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America but it is also rich in its biodiversity, culture, and it's natural beauty.

The Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest

Is home to :

•800 species of fish including 3 sorts of piranhas.

•350 species of reptiles including anacondas and iguanas.

•More than 300 species of mammals including money's and Jaguars.

•Thousands of plant and tree species.

•Thousands of insect species ( one acre of rainforest may be home to 70,000 species of insect).

More about the Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest

Economic Benefis:

The main economic benefit that tourism brings to Ecuador is that the citizens who are struggling and in need of some money have a job to help them out. e.x people can work in resorts, hotels, or restaurants.

Enviormental, Cultural, and Social Impacts:

Tourism in Ecuador has a negative impact on the environment. this has not been mentioned as much but due to people mistreating this wonderful area, the rainforest, and oceans are being polluted ( littering ect ). There are both positive and negative impacts on culture.


some positive impacts are the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage, revival of traditional arts and crafts, cultivation of cultural pride and sense of identity, cross cultural exchange


some negative impacts are loss of cultural character, commercialization of human relationships, and potential misunderstanding and conflict between residents and tourists.

Dose Tourism Have a Negative Impact on Ecuador ?

As mentioned above tourism in Ecuador has both negative and positive impacts.

Making Ecuador a Sustainable Tourist Destination

Ecuador is a well known tourism destination with an amazing and beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, high levels of bidiversity and many leisure opportunities. Unfortunately there is much to do to make Ecuador a sustainable tourist destination. Solimars solution is to make Ecuador better equip and strengthen the Ecuadorian protected areas system, local tourism enterprises, and relevant public sector institutions so that local communities achieve sustainable economic growth while contributing to the conservation efforts.


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