Pearl S. Buck Elementary

January 9, 2016

Happy New Year!

Board Games and Probability

After lessons on the likelihood of events occurring using the terms impossible, less likely, equally likely, more likely, and certain, and a subsequent lesson on stating probability in terms of a fraction, students in Mr. Knight's class created their own game spinners and used them to keep track of spins on a tally chart. In the process of this lesson, the idea of making a board game surfaced, and the idea quickly spread throughout the class. The enthusiasm for the team project became so overwhelming, and the involvement of every single person in the class so satisfying, the students were permitted to work through most of the morning. One of the six groups began struggling as a team. This struggle led to a class meeting where classmates shared how they managed within their teams, and strategies were suggested for how the struggling group could overcome their difficulties. In the end, the struggling group put together a new plan and proceeded to successfully put their plan into effect. The attached photos show the teams working cooperatively to create a board game.

Trois en Deux

Mrs. Sulon's 2nd-grade class created "trioramas" in order to show and explain their favorite event or setting from any one of our class collections. They also included a paragraph which explained their choice.

What's Your Statistcal Birthday?

Prior to the winter break, Mr. Knight’s class was working on data and statistics. After learning about mean, median, mode, and range, they worked on a project to determine the mean birthday for each class in the school. We secured the birthdates for every student in every class and converted those birthdays into days of the year. For example, February 10 becomes day 41, June 1 becomes 152, December 31 is 365. Following are the results of a double-checked, in some cases triple-checked, effort to make sure we were accurate.


Mrs. Arner – June 23 | Mrs. Dietrick – July 29

Mrs. Oswald – August 2 | Mrs. Schaeffer – July 25

First Grade:

Mrs. Boyle – June 11 | Mrs. Kuriger – July 14

Ms. McCafferty – June 30 | Mrs. Raab – July 8

Second Grade:

Mrs. Bader – June 7 | Mrs. Budman – June 8

Mrs. Junod – July 19 | Mrs. Sulon – June 2

Third Grade:

Mrs. Lysun – June 17 | Mrs. Maher – June 9

Ms. Smith – June 4 | Mrs. Takacs – July 25

Fourth Grade:

Ms. Bowman – June 23 | Mr. Knight – July 18

Mrs. Sottile – June 26

Support Homerooms:

Mr. Fleming – June 13 | Mr. McGee – June 20

Mrs. Quinn – October 29

The Magic of Metric!

Students in Mrs. Budman's 2nd-grade class are learning how to measure in meters and centimeters. Below are some images of measuring in action!

PTO Place

  • Please consider taking a moment to drum up support for our upcoming Race for Education fundraiser. Race for Ed flyers will be arriving in the next few months. Every donation helps to provide our children with valuable tools and educational experiences.
  • January 14th- Chuck e Cheese 4-9

  • January 21st- School Store during lunch. We still need volunteers. Please go to the link below and sign up.

  • January 29th- Pizza Bingo 6pm at Maple Point cafeteria. More information to come. If anyone is interested in shadowing this event this year, please us know. Our moms that run this event will be leaving at the end of this year and we need someone to take over, next year. Please contact PTO President, Elaine Shubin at if you can help with this event.

Volunteer Clearances

ALL parents/guardians are required to have clearances to volunteer at school. To apply for clearances, please access the link on the District and Pearl Buck homepages.

Better yet, here's the link!

Volunteers are required by law to have criminal and child abuse clearances. Clearances are free for all volunteers. If you are volunteering 10 hours per week or more, you will need to obtain a TB test. In addition, our PTO can assist Pearl Buck families with free notary services for the volunteer paperwork.

Did you know....?

  • January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was always shown as having two heads. He looked back to the last year and forward to the new one. - See more at:
  • "In January it's so nice while slipping on the sliding ice to sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once Sipping twice." - Maurice Sendak - In January
  • January in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to July in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.
  • January 1st, 1776, the first American flag, the "Grand Union" was presented. Betsy Ross later added the stars in place of the Union Jack.

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