Cory Cactus

Lexy Estrada

Basic information:

This tiny cactus with its thick whitish spines and attractive pink flowers (larger than the plant itself) is highly prized among collectors. It blooms primarily in May, but the blooming period lasts from March - June. Afterwards, it produces fruit that ripens from June - October. Nellie's cory cactus was once found on highway right- of-ways, but was extirpated due to intense collecting pressure.


The Nellie Cory Cactus is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as endangered in Texas. Large numbers of this little cactus used to grow near roadways in the Chihuahuan Desert, where they were easily taken by cacti enthusiasts. Prized among these poachers for its beautiful flowers, the Nellie Cory Cactus has been so over-collected that it survives in only three locations, all on privately held land in Brewster County.


There's a fine up to $500 if you pick them if not in your property.
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