Crime Scene Technician

Sarai Hernandez

How to become a Crime Scene Technician

  • You need crime scene technician training. Depending on what law enforcement agency employs you will depend on the what training you need to get.
  • You need to pass extensive background checks, polygraph exam, physical examination, credit check & psychological evaluation.
  • Must have at least an associate degree in law enforcement, police science, or an associates degree in criminal justice.

Salary Range

  • 58,750 anualy

Certification or Testing Requirements

  • usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in either forensic science or a natural science
  • Must have a minimum of (1) year in crime scene related activities
  • Must have completed a minimum of 96 hours of Crime Scene Certification Board approved instruction in crime scene related courses within the last five (5) years

My career field is available in...

  • work in state and local law enforcement departments which include police departments and morgues