To Fat To Fly

Should Bigger Passengers Pay For Two Seats?

Should bigger passengers pay for two seats if they can't fit into the first one.

I say yes bigger people should pay for two seats. It their fault that their bigger therefore they should pay for two seats.

It's very uncomfortable for smaller passengers

  • A smaller man was pinned to the wall during a flight because of an obese man next to him
  • One man had to stand during a flight because an obese man took up too much room
  • It unsafe because people want be able to get out quikly incase of an emergancy

The more the plane weighs the more fuel the plane burns.

  • Plane companies have to pay for more fuel If the plane weighs more
  • Tickets will increase in cost so the company can pay for the fuel

There's not enough room on airplanes.

  • Some people are forced to stand
  • Bigger people take up to much room