Jacqueline Kapoian

What is courage?

What does it actually mean to be courageous? defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Courage can take many different forms; it could be standing up to a bully, standing up for your beliefs, or going outside your comfort zone. We all have at some point in out lives been courageous. To be a successful leader, standing outside your comfort zone is essential. How can you expect other people to follow you or inspire them to go beyond their comfort zones if you do not push yourself and have a little courage?
Reedsburg Student Stands Up To Bullies

Reedsburg Student Stands Up to Bullies

This video entitled "Reedsburg Student Stand Up to Bullies" is about a high school student named Donlad who is starting an organization that helps kids learn how to stand up to bullies. Donald was severly bullied in middle school and once he got into high school he realized that he loved who he was and that he should not have to change himself to fit in. This new realization gave Donald the courage to stand up to bullies. Soon it caught on with his friends and other kids at his high school. Standing up to a bully is scary but Donald had the courage to do it and became a leader by inspiring other kids to do the same.
Courage Song

I think this song speaks for itself...

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Malala Yousafzai

The first leader that I chose that exemplifies the leadership trait, courage, would be Malala Yousafzai. Malala is a Pakistani girl who stood up to the Taliban when her right to be educated was taken away from her. Malala knew that rebelling against the Taliban could potentially be deadly, but her belief that women should be educated outweighed the dangers. Malala blogged and talked to different news stations about her experience living under the Taliban. The Taliban eventually got word of what Malala was doing and she was then shot for not abiding by the Taliban's rule. However, even after being shot and almost dying Malala was still courageous enough to stand up for women's right and the right that all women should be allowed to have an education.
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Olivia Pope

The second leader I chose that exemplifies the leadership trait, courage, would be Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope is a fictional character from the TV show Scandal (the best show in the whole world) who runs a crisis management law firm called, Olivia Pope and Associates. In the TV show, Olivia's morals and values always come first. Because she runs a law firm she accepts full responsibility for her actions as her actions always reflect her beliefs. Every time she has a new scandal that needs to be handled, she fights for the person and the problem regardless of popular belief. It takes a lot of courage for sometoe to always follow one's beliefs when surrounded by corrupt and cowardly people.