Veronica Roth

Summary of Divergent

Divergent is a society based on five faction Amity, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation and Dauntless. When you belong to more than one faction you are called Divergent. This novel starts off as Beatrice and her family all together in the same faction, Abnegation. Beatrice and her brother both turn 16 and have to take a Aptitude test to see what faction they really fit into. Beatrice's test doesn't go so well she ends up getting her results orally and going home. The next day is the choosing ceremony, she ends up leaving the faction she was born into and going to be a dauntless. This choice chooses the rest of her life.

Main character, Beatrice (Tris)

Tris was a major character in the book Divergent. Tris is Divergent. The Novel Divergent was based on her life, her stories and what she had to go through being very different from everyone else. Tris was the main protagonist in this novel. Tris was very brave for most of the time always happy.

Divergent Trailor

DIVERGENT - Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014


The setting of the book divergent was in a future chicago split up into five factions. Abnegation- the selfless. Amity- the peaceful. Candor- the honest. Erudite-the intelligent and Dauntless- the brave.

Book reviews

"Starred Review. For those who loved The Hunger Games and are willing to brave the sometimes sadistic tests of strength and courage Tris must endure, the reward is a memorable, unpredictable journey from which it is nearly impossible to turn away. Ages 14+" - Publishers Weekly

This was one of the reviews I thought was really good. Their were very many reviews saying how good and how thrilling this novel was and I agreed thought this novel was very good


In my opinion this novel was a lot like the hunger games. One reason I think this is because divergent and the hunger games both have messed up governments. In the hunger games the government is messed up because they make kids/young adults go into games to kill eachother. In divergent their government is messed up because they think that divergents are messed up so they want to get ride of divergents. Another reason these books are similar are because they are both split up, divergent has factions and the hunger games has districts.
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I would defitinatly recommend this book to someone else. I would do this because in my opinion I thought this book was very good. I loved all the action that went on. Their was never a minute I got bored readily this book. This book made me want to just keep turning pages to see what happenes next. If I rated this book I would give it a 5/5 stars.
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