Quick update

Sight word flashcards and field trip photos

Dear Families,

One important announcement and photos!

Sight word flashcards (on bright green paper) were sent home with your children today. These are our first 50 sight words for 1st grade. These words are high-frequency words that appear most often in our reading and writing. The majority of the words cannot be sounded out and need to be memorized. In class, we practice spelling these words with movements, games and by writing them in sentences. Many students are able to spell these words from the practice they do in class; while other students might require more practice at home.

We are providing you with flashcards in case your child requires practice at home to memorize these words. You can make up games (for example, how many can the student write correctly this week, then try to beat that record next week) or put one card on the fridge each week and practice it each morning. Or, an adult can choose a card and read the word and have the child write it then check it again the card. Lots of families get creative with this practice, and the students love making up their own games or ways of practicing that they find fun.

We also included photos from our amazing field trip to the SIMS Recycling Center! It was GREAT and we learned SO MUCH!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Amy and Kendra