Special Education Department Update

October 2021


Welcome to the Special Education Department monthly newsletter! The department will send out a monthly email that will include content on family resources, community events, family trainings, family involvement, information from inside the classrooms, and information on specific disabilities. If you would like to see a topic included, please let us know!

Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

Albert Einstein Academy’s Special Education Department is looking to form their 2021-2022 parent advisory committee! As part of this committee, parents will be collaborating with our Special Education Team, receiving support from other parents, and will have opportunities to attend trainings to extend their knowledge and resources with regards to their child’s education or diagnosis. If you are interested in being apart of this committee, please reach out to Mrs. Lemons (rebecca.lemons@aeaohio.org) or Mrs. Costanzo (kristen.costanzo@aeaohio.org).

Inside The Classroom

We are all SO happy to have all of our students return to in person learning this year!

In tenth grade Biology, at the end of September, Ms. Thevenin at AEA N.O used a multisensory activity to reinforce basic chemistry found in biology, focusing on covalent bonds (molecules, compounds, elements). Students were tasked with identifying whether a given formula was a molecule, compound, or element. Afterwards students were supported in illustrating the formula as a drawing. The next day students reinforced their learning by constructing the formula using mini marshmallows, which is demonstrated in the photos.

Inside Ms. Parkinson's Classroom

Hello, my name is Ms. Jill Parkinson, and I work with 10th-12th graders as an intervention specialist at AEA North Olmsted. I have worked at Albert Einstein Academy since 2015, and besides direct support in content classes I also teach intervention math and intervention English this year. I previously worked with students from a variety of schools through a day treatment program, and have provided home instruction at all grade levels.

So far this school year I have worked with our students on setting goals and expectations for 2021-22, and identifying positive take-aways from the 2020-21 school year. We have begun looking at the Real Number System (with musical support!) in Algebra 2 Concepts and are preparing for a novel study in English Concepts. In Geometry, we are “laser” focused on points, lines, planes, rays and angles. There have already been science labs where we explore the Scientific Method, and we are working on organizing our thoughts and opinions about topics in US History,Economics, and Psychology. You can find me all over the building, but my home base is at the top of the stairs between the middle school and high school wings on the 2nd floor.

Outside of school, this year I am working on balance - so I am trying not to do anything requiring technology after 8pm, and am trying to get a good night’s sleep every night. Not being tied to my phone is really helping! I encourage anyone who has trouble falling asleep/staying asleep to try to distance themselves from their phone at night if possible. It has been working for me!

I’m so excited to have all of our kiddos back at school “in-person”, and I know we’re going to do great things together.

-Ms. P

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A note from our Director of Exceptional Children!

Hello! I am Rebecca Lemons, the Director of Exceptional Children for AEA. This is my sixth year here at AEA and I am looking forward to another incredible year working with all of our students, families, and staff. My favorite part of my days is when I get to spend time working along side all of our incredible Intervention Specialists and with all of our students. I am often traveling between the three buildings through out the week supporting our staff and students.

Outside of AEA I enjoy spending time outdoors at parks with my husband and dog. We love to travel locally and to surrounding states for weekend trips. We have a four year old black lab named Lilly who is the definition of a water dog and is truly the highlight or our day! My husband and I will be expecting our first baby in December and we can't wait to start this new journey of parenthood together!

I am so grateful to be apart of AEA and our special education department that is filled with growth and opportunities. I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone this year at events and at meetings. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out regarding any questions, concerns, or just to say hi!

Email: Rebecca.Lemons@aeaohio.org

Phone: (440) 471-4982

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TO Change The Game For Youth Gambling

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Mental Health America's 2021Back to School Toolkit

A lot of kids and teens haven't been able to feel safe or stable over the last year because of the trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways it has disrupted “normal” life. MHA’s 2021 Back to School toolkit, “Facing Fears, Supporting Students,” aims to help students, parents, and school personnel recognize how feeling unsafe can impact mental health and school performance, and what can be done to help young people who are struggling with their mental health.

Due to popular demand, we have also created Spanish-language fact sheets and worksheets that can be downloaded separately with the link below.

This year’s toolkit includes:

  • Fact sheets for parents/teachers;
  • Fact sheets for children/teens;
  • Worksheets for children/teens;
  • Key messages and statistics;
  • Sample drop-in article;
  • Sample social media post language and images; and
  • Spanish language fact sheets and worksheets (new this week!).

Download your free toolkit in English and Spanish today!

Please visit https://mhanational.org/back-school?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=4e3ec286-ca32-4972-872a-d24824d44236 for more information.
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By its very nature, Halloween is scary. Everything from the decorations, AMC’s listing of the top 100 horror films, the inflated price of candy, etc. But perhaps the scariest part of Halloween is trying to understand it through the eyes of our kids with autism. So how do we make this spooky night less of a nightmare?

Please visit the link below for help tips, tricks, & social stories to make this holiday season enjoyable for the entire family!