Kristen and Kevin

Part 1

1. (Watergate Scandal)

Probably somebody inside the administration made them to install audio devices in the Democrat office, and because of this Richard did something very wrong ´to protect his friend´ (surely he wasn’t involved) , because since he took office he did not take care of shaming the government, but just because the people were like ´Richard is evil´ ,etc he decided to resign his office, then Ford took it.

2. Resignation as it said before Richard was trying to protect his friends who were involved in recording what democrats says in their meetings, if not he could be one of the best presidents USA could have in years, he could reduce the 12 Cabinets to 8 , saving a lot money, because normally they don’t do anything than just steal our money, etc. ; Also the Watergate is nothing compared with the things that are happening since Obama took Presidency :
(USA is in more debt up to the double than 30 years) ,
(Obama allowed up to 50,000 immigrants cross the border) ,
(Iran is creating Nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel)

3. Began on April 4, 1975, when it was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque .
Microsoft the biggest company on these days, helping more than 1millions of person with their jobs, etc. It has developed also a helpful way to sell products on-line through internet.

4. Mother Teresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1979 for her work helping the poorest people of her country. Mother Terasa though that would be better to help the people in her nation, feeding them, etc.
A lot people see her as a God, but she always said that she is just making god´s work

Part 3


Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island
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