The Wonderful World of Avid

Sophia Ibarra, 7th Grade, Avid 2

How Did I Grow As A Student This Semester?

How did I grow as a student this semester? I grew as a student in the Avid program this semester by using the special techniques Avid has taught me. These techniques were: Cornell note taking, organization, tutorial request forms, learning logs, community service, school involvement, public speaking, writing skills, adult speaking, and how to write a memoir. By using these techniques school work as become a little more easier with less stress, not worrying about my messy binder, not getting scared during public speaking, etc. Avid has helped me become a successful student and ready for the challenges waiting for me.

Cornell Notes, Tutorial Request forms, and Learning Logs

Cornell notes are very easy do make once you get the hang of setting up the note page. At first I didn't even know what a Cornell note was until I got into Avid. Cornell notes had made it easier for me to take notes in all of my classes. First you must add your full heading on the top of the page in ink. It must have the name of the topic, and in the top right corner in must have your name, date, and what class and period its from. Next you split your paper in half. The left side is for questions and the right side is to answer those questions, Finally on the bottom you right your summary answering the essential question.Tutorial Request forms are very easy. (Middle picture) These request forms are used for you to get into the Avid classroom on tutorial days. Tutorials are when you fill out this sheet to get extra help on a certain subject that you don't understand. Once you get into tutorials tutors are students who are in college and they help you better understand the topic you are struggling with. Finally you have learning logs. Learning logs are a sheet of paper where you fill out sections on what you learned in some of your subject through out the week. Learning logs are normally due on Friday. (Picture on the right)

Organization and School Involvement

Organization is very important in the Avid program. Being organized can help you so much from middle school up to college. When you have an organized binder you can find stuff so much easier and faster. If you don't have an organized binder then finding stuff is going to be a challenge for you. Staying neat and organized can help you become a more successful student. Also staying organized will help you when a teacher says that you have a missing assignment but you know you had turned it in you can go back to your binder and show her that graded assignment but instead of going back and taking forever to find it you can find it quick and easy. Organization will always be your best friend in school and out of school. School involvement in very important and can be fun. Being in school is very important because it will help you become successful in life. School involvement is when you are active in school activities that will help you in the future and in your future jobs. School activities are very fun at times or some can be very important that you cant forget. Where they go and help the school become a better learning environment.

Community Service

Community service is also important in the Avid program. Helping the community becomes an amazing opportunity. You can make new friends, learn new things, and even get a better opportunity getting into college. This will help you become a better person and the world be a better place.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is very easy if you don't let fear control you. Public speaking is when you have to give a presentation to a audience. Public Speaking will be very easy for you if you follow the term PERFECT. That will always help you look confident when speaking in front of a big audience.

Adult Speaking

Speaking to adult will be easy if you follow these three steps. First always have eye contact with the adult so it shows that you are confident and not scared of speaking. Next have a firm handshake. Always take three handshakes or else it will be very awkward with a handshake longer than three shakes. Finally a clear and loud voice. Speak clearly so the adult can hear you and not having to ask you to repeat it again.

Writing A Memoir

Writing a memoir is very easy if you are very detailed in your writing. When writing a memoir you must talk about an exciting event that has happened to you and changed the way you live. For example you can write about the time you moved states and had to make new friends or the time you got your first dog. Things like that can be very detailed and explain how that changed your life about having more responsibilities and having to stop being shy and start talking to people.

What Will I Do Next Semester To Continue To Grow In These Areas?

I will always keep trying and never give up. I will go to tutorials to grow in the subjects where I need it most. I will always keep my binder organized so I can pass my binder checks and find things quick and easy. I will work with my public speaking so I can grow more confident. I will do what I am told and help the world become a better place. I will get involved in school more so I grow smarter and succeed in my future jobs.