Yuval Hayun, Liam Barda, Maya Kapon.

The place we choose is: U.S.A (United States)

The place we choose is : U.S.A.

Yuval and Liam want to visit there because they heard this place is amazing, and they want to see where filmes and series they love are filmed. we want to visit beaches in Maimi, to do shopping in malls, to see NEW York City, see the first Mcdonalds in the world and to visit beautiful and famous sites.

Maya visited twice in the past the USA - one time to the west coast and the other time the east coast. She had fun and she would like to visit again, to see all the beautiful cities and places, and to do great shopping. Everything in the USA is big and it was a great experience.

We choose this place becuase...

We love this place. We heard so much stories about U.S.A , maya told us about all the big cities, malls and parks - all the movies that we see are in USA - we want to feel like in a movie.


The population is: 321,368,864

The language is: English

The area :9,826,675 KM ( number 3in the world)

The Government: President Barack Obama
The biggest city: New York

The capital city: Washington DC.

The tourists/attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, central park, Walt Disney wolrd, Statue of liberty, Las Vegas Strip, Alcatraz Island, Times Square, Niagara Falls, Grand canyon, White house and more many beautiful place and cities.

The Flag: Thirteen stripes colors red and white and rectangle blue with fifty stars like the number of the states.

Summary about the place

U.S.A is one of the largest countries in the world - it is the third after China and Russia, it consists fifty countries. U.S.A has borders with Canada in the North and Mexico in the south. U.S.A is one of the most popular places / country for tourism - it is very easy to travel and there are lot of attractions for children and adults- all can find what to do – beautiful nature together with very modern cities.

Our opinion

We learned some facts about the U.S.A like its population and size, number of countries etc. we learned about famous places and for Maya that was there it was nice to remember and to tell Yuval and Liam about it. it was nice to read and to see the pictures of the famous sites. we all hope to be in the USA and to travel there - maybe we will be it together next time - it will be fun.