Purple Loosetrife

They may be pretty but they are bad

What does it look like?

The purple loostrife has many recognizable physical features. They are;

Opposite leaf arrangement

Smooth leaves

Stiff four sided stem

5-6 petals per flower

2-7 feet in height

Flowers are closely attached to stem

Flowers in late June to late December

Pinkish purple flowers

Make sure you don't confuse them with other common plants such as the fireweed, blue vervain and the dotted blazing star which have round stems instead of square stems.

Why are They bad?

Causes problems for wetlands

Can reproduce thousands of seeds per plants

Large amounts choke other wetland plants

Displaces native plants

Wetlands are needed for other wildlife to survive

Difficult to control - 7 years to fully remove

How to get rid of it

Hand digging is the best way for small cases. Make sure that all the root tissue is removed. Dry out the plant material before disposal. For large areas, digging may not be the easiest way to get rid of them, remove the flower head before the seeds spread.

Why we need to get rid of them

Purple loosestrife is killing native plants which are a part of our ecosystems. These plants are food for many animals, also the wetlands are a habitat for these animals. If we don't do something about the purple loosestrife it will take over the wetlands completely as well as other ecosystems.

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