Leeuwarden in 2018

Leeuwarden the cultural capital in Europe

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fetsivals in leeuwarden

Hello, we are Vierkant and we do the prsentation about ‘’festivals’’because festivals are nice!

A festival is an event of interested parties about a particular topic. There are different types of festivals. Examples:

*Film Festivals: A film festival is a celebration that is held to bring films to the attention of the public. Regularly engage new films premiered at a film festival, and prices at a film festival awarded. Big festivals are often many famous actors and directors present.

*Music Festivals: A music festival is a (usually recurring) event where several artists perform live for the audience.

*Theater Festival: A theater is a (usually recurring) event where various theater bring a performance.

Until 2005 was a year in the Lowlands 'The Theatre' place: a Flemish-Dutch presentation at the end of summer vacation.

Made by: David, Lieuwe, Justin and Sytse

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