(And the human body!)

Homeostasis is...

Homeostasis is when your body does certain things in order to maintain balance such as temperature, blood pressure etc. Suppose you lived in Florida and it was very hot outside and then in an instant you were teleported into Canada, Homeostasis would kick in and try to warm you up. Homeostasis is very important when it comes to the digestive system because it is important that your body only gets a certain amount of vitamins, nutrients, and fats.


Digestive System / what we eat

Eating healthy food can impact your life significantly, its O.K. to have something a little unhealthy food or maybe a dessert every once in awhile, but its a good idea to stick to good, healthy food

A good way to get a good balance of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and fat is to record what you eat and improve on what you have been eating, for example, you can record what you ate on Monday, and on Tuesday you make something that covers more sections of the food pyramid then what you ate on Monday.

Its also a good idea to get advice on healthy food from magazines, cooking channels and restaurants. Space out what you eat and make sure that you aren't having to much of the same thing.

You can learn how to make healthy, homemade deserts once every week or so and it will be O.K.

You may not realize it at first but having a healthy life style will seriously impact your life.


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