Westward Expansion

By: Amanda Daniel

Manifest Destiny Painting

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The painting is showing the moving from the East to the West. The Indians are being moved out and the Americans are coming in and planting crops. Then there is this lady and she is holding a book in her hand and a rope of wire. The wire would be for telephone poles.

Picture Timeline

Western Trails map

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  • Oregon Trail- The Oregon Trail went from Missouri or Iowa to Oregon country. It crossed rocky mountains. They took wagon trains which differed between 10-12 wagons. The people that traveled the trail were pioneers.
  • California Trail- The California trail was the same trail except if you wanted to go to right to Oregon country or if you wanted to go right to California.
  • Mormon Trek- The Mormons traveled from Missouri to Utah because they kept getting kicked out of states because of their beliefs.
  • Santa Fe Trail- The Santa Fe Trail went from Independence to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a trade route. The people that used this route were fur trappers and wagons and stagecoaches.

Texas Revolution

Texas wanted independence so they went into war with mexico to be independent. One of the battle was the Alamo. The Texans held out for 2 weeks, but eventually were all killed. Another battle was San Jacinto. San Anna's army was surrounded at camp and defeated quickly by Houston.

Mexican-American War

Mexico claimed the Nieces River as its northeastern boarder, and U.S. is calming the Rio Grande River, the day they go to settle this out the Mexican army opened fire. The Bear Flag Revolt was the Californians were rebelling against the Mexicans. Later there was a flag that rose up and is now a state flag. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the settlement between the Americans and the Mexicans. It increased size by 25%. The Gadsden Purchase was when the the United States bought New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico.

Gold Rush Performance Writing

March 5, 1850

Dear Family,

Today we could right home, it is very interesting here. Today we are going to go out and look for more gold. I have found some gold for us, I have find about $10 a day. In California it is very hot about 80 to 100 degrees a day. I love watching the sunrises and the sunsets every day it makes me think of you guys at home. Love you all.

Love John