Race Relations in America

Why are some Americans not accepting of other races?

Slavery in America

Slavery in America started with European merchants. These merchants would buy prisoners of tribes or kidnap people out of Africa. The demand for slaves in America was very high because of new industries in the new country. Slaves were needed in large plantations and would do jobs such as pick cotton, harvest crops, or cook and clean inside the master home. Slavery was greatly affected by the invention of the cotton gin. The cotton gin made it possible for cotton to be separated much faster than ever before. This meant that less slaves were needed to produce cotton to be sold to factories and companies.

Slave Treatment In America

Slaves in America were treated very poorly. Slaves were considered property, and could be disciplined at the master's will. Slaves could be punished for the slightest of mistakes. Slaves could even be disciplined for doing nothing wrong at all. A typical day of a slave would mean waking up early and going to bed late. They often received just enough food to get by. They were not allowed to go to school but some churches had special sections where slaves could sit. Slaves were allowed to marry and have children in order to keep their morale up. If a slave was caught running away, they would most likely be returned to their masters and killed. Sometimes, however, slaves may be rescued by northerners or abolitionists that hated slavery.

The End Of Slavery In America

It took until 1865 for America to end slavery. Slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This was because of the Republican Party and Lincoln's views on slavery. This was also because of the Civil War. The war started as a result of southern states leaving the Union and Lincoln wanting to preserve it. The war later turned into a fight to end slavery after Lincoln issued his emancipation proclamation. The south believed that if they lost their slaves, they would lose their money and their way of life.

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Plan to improve American race relations

Today, there are still issues with race relations in America. Some people today still think that African-Americans should not be treated equally as whites are. There are problems around the country including such things as schools, jobs, and even with police. Some people think that African-Americans are not smart and are not fit to hold jobs of power. Some people also accuse police of being biased during traffic stops and arrests.

Why Do Tensions Still Exist?

There are many reasons that tensions still exist even 150 years after slavery was abolished in the US. One reason is that over many generations, children have been taught that African-Americans are inferior to whites. These children usually carry this idea with them all the way to adulthood. They then teach their children the same ideas, and the process continues. Another reason is that people may feel uncomfortable with people that don't look alike. These people may then teach their children that anyone not alike is bad and should be stayed away from.

A Solution To Improve Race Relations

My solution to improve race relations is to start a public broadcast TV show. The show will be a series of short films broadcast at one every week. They will portray different situations of race relations. These can be things such as encountering racist people or stereotypes. The show can be focused at both children and adults.

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