Design NISC DT lab

Use google sketchup to design a DT room

Investigation stage of the design cycle

Identify the problem

In 2013-2014 NISC will be offering a DT course but NISC doesn't have a lab so it has to built as quick as possible

Design brief

My task is to use google sketchup to design a new DT lab.

End User+Target Audience

All MYP students will be using the DT Lab and my DT Lab design will be presented to The Architecture Company, The Construction Company and Tool Suppliers.

Architecture firms will take my design to further design it.

Constructing company will take my design and build the actual building

Phnom Penh tool shop will supply us with all the tools we need.

Testing methods

My product will be presented to three classmates, and each class mate will represent each group such as the architecture firm, construction firm and tool shop.

The testing will be in form of a checklist.

The feedback collected will include:

suggest 3-5 ways to improvement the product

list 3-5 strengths

comments about the use of space and layout

proficiency of SKETCHUP

Design specifications

Must have

-Precise room dimension

-4 emergency exits

-2 main entrance

-Excellent ventilation

-Maximum amount of natural light

-function even without power

-washing area

-emergency shower

-eye washing facility

-2 first aid station


-truckload area

-Display area

-Tool storage

-tools/machinery/materials for students

-Storage for wood, metal, paint and acrylic

-safety equipment/strorage

Research and skill development

To develop my skills of CAD and and classroom design I used to redesign the current ICT room. Then I used sketchup to design the current cafeteria.

Then I researched some websites in and as a class we decided to use smore but here are some other candidates that we could have chosen




To develop my knowledge about how DT labs look like I used