Sarah's Ghost house


Sarah Winchester's life

In 1862 Sarah married William Winchester. Not long after that they moved to a house in New Haven, Connecticut. Then, Sarah had Annie Pardee. Unfortunately, Annie's life didn't last long. Annie died from a unknown sickness a month after she was born. A few months after Annie died, William died. Sarah thought that they were cursed. She tried to get mediums to talk to Annie and William but they could not. Adam Coon told Sarah that she had to do something in their memory.

Sarah's House

Sarah built a house to have all the spirits live in. She would have dinner with them everyday. In the end the house covered six arces. It had 160 rooms, 47 fireplaces 40 staircase, 10,000,000 windows, 52 skylights, 467 doorways, 6 kitchens, a dining room, and a grand ballroom.

Sarah's Hauntings

She was highly scared of ghosts. She had spirits living in her house. So the ghosts wont get her in her sleep, she slept in a different room everyday.