Things to Know from WNHS

September 10, 2021

Answering your Questions about Class Fees......

At the high school level, fees might look different to you. Here are some basic facts:

  • Some classes have no fees and if there are special class needs, those needs are covered in your basic registration fees.
  • Other classes have a specific fee because of activities that are done specifically in that class that go above a regular class. Some examples are: Woods, Foods, Art, and other Career Based classes.
  • English will often have a class fee because student's will receive a novel and they are expected to write in the book as part of the class. For that reason, they must have their own novel and they will keep it at the end of the year. Some English classes may check a novel out of the library, and student's don't write on them, but this is not the most common practice.
  • PE classes may have a fee. But, right now, those fees vary based on COVID protocols. Please call if you have specific concerns.
  • Students are expected to use our special classroom materials that we provide so that all students will have the same thing.
  • Sports will have registration fees separate from the basic registration fee, and they also may purchase other things based on their sport. For example, shoes, bows, shirts, or protective gear.
  • Music classes also have a fee that is separate from other fees.

In middle and elementary school, these individual fees don't happen, so it is sometimes confusing when you see these for the first time. Remember that if you have any questions about a fee that you see in Powerschool, you should call our office and ask.

Picture Retakes

Pictures for this school year were taken on the second day of school. If your student missed those pictures, we have a short make up day on Tuesday, October 5, from 7:30 AM until 2:00 PM in the Aux Gym. Students will have access to take those pictures during PE. They can also go during their study hall, lunch, or before school. Students that do not have PE until 7th period will need to go at some earlier time during the day on their own.

Student ID's

Student ID cards are processed at the same time that we take our school pictures. This means that we should have them soon as most student pictures have been completed. Students who do not have an ID (after we distribute them to students) will need to see the secretary in the Guidance Office in order to get an ID.

It is very important for students to have a picture taken on the retake day in order for them to get their official student ID if they were not here on our first picture day.

Did you pay your AP Deposit of $15 per test? It is due Sept 17. Please call if you have questions about this fee.


Yes, right now, Homecoming is still a go! Here are some of the basic details that we have scheduled. But, as we all know, COVID might change things. We realize that our date is a little later than normal, but our only other choice was too early in the school year to get everything organized.

Initial plans for Homecoming include the following:

  • Dates for Homecoming activities are October 12-16.
  • Float decorating will be October 11-12 at the Fairgrounds. Remember that each class will need a flat bed trailer of some type and kids to do the work. Each class will also need a willing parent to help them with the float for the parade. Decorating will be from 3:30 PM until approximately 8:30 PM. Class sponsors will post any time changes.
  • Window Decorating on the Square: October 11 from 1 PM to 3 PM
  • Rally Assembly, Tuesday, October 12, in the stadium outside. Parents must let us know if they are planning to attend. This is when we announce the Homecoming Court. Time is still TBD.
  • Thursday, October 14, Game Night and Bonfire. Start time is still TBD based on weather.
  • Parade around the Square, start time still TBD.
  • Friday, Football Game vs. Johnsburg, crowning of the King and Queen.
  • Saturday, Homecoming Dance at WNHS, outside in the courtyard area with tents. Dance times are 7-10 pm. Tickets will be $15 in advance (sold during lunches Tues- Fri.) and $20 at the door. Students will only be able to invite students from WNHS and WHS, no students from other schools in the area can attend.

As plans become more detailed and definite, we will let you know. Obviously since all activities are outside, weather may have a huge impact on our events for the week. Students who would like to participate should get in touch with their Student Council representative, or our Stuco Sponsors, Ms. Jenn Rooney and Mr. Bill Weber. Go Thunder!

Next Late Start is September 15 (next Wednesday.)

Seniors Events: Here We Go!

Wednesday, November 10th during 3rd period. Seniors will have a class meeting in the auditorium to learn about class rings, announcements, and ordering their cap and gown for graduation. Caps and gowns are usually around $60.

Thursday, November 18th Order Day during lunches for all Senior Items.