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  • Resource Highlight: Career Assessment - TypeFocus

2015 - 2016 Career Center Annual Report

The Auburn University Career Center is proud to release our 2015-2016 Annual Report. The center works to serve Auburn students year round. Look and see how their career is our mission.

Love at First Sight

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is in the air. At the AUCC we act as matchmakers to help you fall in love with the perfect major and career so you can achieve your professional goals.

Establishing a desirable major and career can be a lot like dating. When it comes to relationships, the initial attraction draws you to a person immediately and usually the rest comes naturally. With dating, the couple builds on that chemistry and invests time in one another. The core principles in starting a relationship are commitment, communication, and collaboration, and the same could be said for choosing a major and career. Here are some tips to accomplish these three “C’s” and establish a successful relationship—with your career!

In looking at your major or career, you may treat it like dating, which will hopefully lead to an established relationship, or in this case, a full-time job. You are excited about the initial major/career you choose, and then you create a plan that works best for the two of you to get the most out of your time together. In your journey, you may come to find out that you can choose many paths, but you have to have to determine the right route for you. We have a perfect resource for that. Check our PATHWAYS: Major Guides to select the best option!

When you start dating, communication is an essential component. With your major and career, you should never underestimate the importance of communication skills in order to successfully carry out your job responsibilities. Check out Candid Career to see how to use and rely on Interpersonal Skills and Networking to connect with your career and your major!

Once you figure out your place in the relationship, you start to work through your needs together, such as the benefits, the cost of living, and sharing expenses. In collaborating on these items there may be some bumps in the road, but it’s important to trust your decision and your gut. As long as you continue to works toward the commitment and practice open communication, you will be on a successful course in your relationship with your major and career.

The 3rd floor office of the Career Center will be under construction for the spring semester so please go the 4th floor of Martin Hall for assistance. We will continue to offer the full range of services in this location and hours of operation will remain 7:45 AM – 4:45 PM with Drop-Ins offered from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. If you have accessibility concerns, please call to arrange a meeting in an accessible location- 334-844-4744.

Upcoming Events:

State of AL Graduate Program Career Fair* | February 3 | 11 AM - 2 PM | AU Hotel

Supply Chain Management Career Fair* | February 7 | 2 PM - 5 PM | Student Center Ballroom

Harbert College of Business Fair* | February 9 | 10 AM - 1 PM | Auburn Arena

STEM Career Expo* | February 14 | 3 PM - 7 PM | AU Hotel

Building Science Career Expo* | February 22 | 3 PM - 7 PM | Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum

Auburn University Career Fair* | February 28 | 2 PM - 6 PM | Student Center Ballroom

Education Interview Day* | March 7 | 8 AM - 3 PM | Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum

College of Agriculture Career Fair | March 9 | 3:30 PM - 5 PM | AU Alumni Center

*Professional dress attire is required for entrance

For more information, visit

Preparing for Career Fairs

How to Dress for a Career Fair

Find out how to dress for the career expos and in a professional interview or work environment.


TypeFocus assesses your personality type and incorporates it into personalized reports that offer insight into the following topics: career choices; job readiness, interpersonal skills, and learning styles.

Staff Spotlight

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Jay Skipworth

This individual is always on the move in our office and always working on something in the Career Center. Jay Skipworth, our Assistant Director for Employer Relations, has served for five years in his current position, which is shared between the AU Career Center and Harbert College of Business’s Office of Professional and Career Development. He is a diligent employee and enjoys working in a fast- paced environment. Jay works extremely close with companies to build relationships with employers who hope to partner up and recruit our students for internships and jobs. We are glad to have Jay here with us at the Career Center. Jay is known to have a history of a wide variety of jobs, and here are just a few: in-studio producer for Tallassee Tigers football on WTLS in Tallassee, AL; ring announcer for independent professional wrestling promotion; Guitar player in a band that still has our an album on iTunes (Holleycarbines – Glide Down Over Earth); and advertisement designer for a local magazine in North Alabama. Jay really does it all, and we couldn’t do we what do without him!

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