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From the Chief School Administrator

Greetings LAC Community! I hope this newsletter finds you warm and well as we continue to move onward in 2014. As always, we have lots of exciting and great things happening at our school. From celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, to our school participating in a virtual debate online, we are maximizing our learning every day. Thank you for being the caring, supportive parents and community members that you are. Onward! - Jay Eitner, CSA

Class updates!

In Mr. Burch's Class: In scoping out future projects, Mr. Burch volunteered to help out with the first ever FIRST® Legoleague qualifier. The competition was held on January 11th at Salem Community College. The students and teams were amazing!!!! Check this video out from one of the teams: . The organizations website is located at If you would like to see Mr. Burch bring legos to the LAC shop, let him know in class!


In Mrs. Sherman's Class: Students are currently studying the composition of atoms and made atoms using products from home... including snacks! Check out Mrs. Sherman's pictures on our Flickr page on the LAC website!


In Mrs. Harris' Class: 4th Grade is finishing and presenting PowerPoint presentations on their colonial research, and drawing masterpieces to go with them. They also are typing their poems they have written in Google docs to be entered in a poetry contest.