African Physical Features

4 Physical Features

Ethiopian Highlands

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Ethiopian Highlands are located on the west of the Ethiopian plateau. In the Ethiopian plateau there are lots of mountains, deep valleys, and in the center there's a lake called, Lake Tana. The Ethiopian Highlands is also called the Roof of Africa. You can see and track elephants in person and other wild animals like a gazelle,lions,and birdlife.

Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in Africa and is mainly in Tanzania and Uganda and stretches through the western and Eastern rift valley. It is a freshwater lake with lots of fish so you can go fishing there and there's also pretty beaches and restaurants there.


Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is made up of a highland plateau. It's separated from the east African coast by the Mozambique Channel. You could catch rays here and there are fantastic beaches and
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Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains are full of minerals like fertilizer,coal,iron, and oil. The slopes facing north are watered and have farmlands and forests. The slopes facing south are covered with shrubbery and have salt lakes and flats. The mountains are found in Morocco, through Algeria, and to north of Tunisia.
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