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Wednesday, May 20th, 5pm

608 East Boulevard Avenue

Bismarck, ND

There is going to be a month long train ride around our country! If you would like to come please contact me.



~ Railroads were created in the mid 1820's and were the fastest way of transportation.

~ Railroads were a major part of the Industrial Revolution

~ First railroads were developed in Great Britain

~ The major Transcontinental Railroad consisted of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways, the two tracks meet in Promontory Point Utah.


~ The railroad helps carry large bulky items across the country.

~ It is a fast way of traveling.

~ It is a cheaper way to move goods across the country.

~ Safest way of transportation, less break downs and no crashes.

~ The carrying capacity is very large.


~ Trains are very dirty. Your clothes will have dirt, soot, smoke, and ashes on them.

~ Stoves in the passenger carts catch on fire.

~ Two trains may meet each other on the tracks.

~ Brakemen had dangerous jobs.


~ George Stephenson is considered the first inventor of the first steam locomotive engine for railways.

~ John Stevens is considered the Father of American Railroads.


~ Railroads brought social, political, and economic change to our country.

~ They helped carry things across the country in faster ways, making our country grow faster.

~ It helped settlement across the country.

~ The railroads helped people start businesses across our country.


~ The railroad made North Dakota have many towns by the railways.

~ It was the railroad that brought many people to North Dakota.

~ It is North Dakota's inexpensive way to send freight across the state.

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Expanding the Transcontinental Railroad: History and Impact