The Scientific Revolution

By Nhu Quynh Vo

What Is The Scientific Revolution?

The Scientific Revolution is a historical change in thought and belief. It changes in social and institutional organization. It roughly unfolded in Europe during 1500-1700. The Scientific Revolution included many important people like Galileo, Copernicus,Kepler.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time?

The Scientific Revolution was a fundamental change in direction of Western thought . It change about how people think about science and life. Scientific methods that began with restoration of the heliocentric model of the universe, changed how people think about the universe. The scientist also impacted the way we think and how we think about life and science.

How Is That Changed Evidenced In Today's Modern Society?

The advanced technology that we have now is more advance that it is back than. The beginning of using calculus is a big impact of science today. The result of scientific methods is being tested in many ways. More people are more interested in science than people back than. More people started to think differently than back than, because people believed and think the same way.