St. Juan Diego

Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe visits Juan Diego

- was a new convert to the faith

- was walking 6 miles to go to mass when Mary appeared to him accompanied by a rainbow of dazzling colors and angelic voices

- Mary told him to go to the bishop to ask him to build a church right where she appeared

- Juan Diego was worried about his uncle who may die, but Mary assured him that he will be fine

Diego goes to the bishop

- at first bishop was doubtful and asked for proof

- Diego goes back to Mary and is instructed to put roses in his tilma and present them to the bishop as proof

- When Diego opened his tilma, the roses fell to the ground showing an image of Our Lady

- bishop was dumbstruck and fell to his knees

- Our Lady of Guadalupe was named patron of the America's

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Tilma Fun Facts

- the image was on a rough coarse fabric, which would no have allowed paint to stay, but the image has lasted for years and has a silky quality

- image has no brush strokes

- impossible to exactly replicate (has been tried)

- image has the same temp as a human 98.6 F

- indestructible (survived a bomb explosion)

Saint Juan Diego and our Lady of Guadalupe