Tech Integration Sensations

Ways we are integrating technology into our teaching

What is happening in the lab and classroom

Midway through the year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the projects that faculty have completed using technology with their students. Hopefully, you will see something that interests you that you can adopt, or spark a new idea. We are using technology K-9 to varying degrees.

Here is a sample:

Grade 1 Animal Research Project

During the winter, Jess Burnham and Kara Barrett's classes have been working on a beginning research project. The students have used books, Kids Infobits database and Brittanica Online to learn more about their favorite animal. Both Kids InfoBits and Brittanica offer a text to speech feature that reads to the students while highlighting the text, perfect for emerging readers. They will share their research in an ebook.

Grade 2 Ebooks

In September, Janice Currie's class shared their summer snapshots. They wrote their memories and we uploaded their stories to the app Little Bird Tales. Students then illustrated the story and recorded it in their own voice. Finally, the stories were shared via Janice's class blog for families to read. Here is LJ's snapshot.

Little Bird Tales allows teachers to create a free classroom account and design ebooks that incorporate text, images and voice that can then be shared.

Grade 4 Fables

Theresa Mullens' class wrote original fables this fall. They typed their stories into Google Docs and shared them with her for revisions. They illustrated their stories in the classroom. When the stories were completed, students uploaded them to LucidPress. They then were shared and a copy of each ebook was placed in the library catalog for viewing. Here is Casey's fable, How the Cat became Soft. You can view others by searching "student work" in Destiny.

Grade 5 interactive videos

As part of the fifth grade's study of Ancient China, Karen Lutsky had the students create a video with an imbedded quiz. This project utilized the green screen and the Do Ink app as well as Zaption. Zaption allows you to embed text and questions into a video, making the viewing more interactive. You may use your own video or one from YouTube. Each student wrote a multiple-choice comprehension question about their topic to embed in the video.

Grade 7 Google Slides presentation

Emily Lent Hemingway's history students worked in small groups to create presentations on the Aztecs. Students worked on their own slides and were required to comment on everyone else's work. (Some of the comments are still visible on the presentation.) They then presented their work in class and during Parents' Day.

Grade 8 historical newscasts

Dave Belcher's class made use of the maker space green screen when they created historical newscasts. Using the Do Ink app and iMovie, each group covered a different topic during reconstruction. View Thea, Jackson and Nick's movie here. Or visit with President Roosevelt with Nina, Keishi and Minji here.

3D Printing

Ross Feitlinger has used the 3D printer this term with his students as they explore the maker space. Jeremy Galvagni is using it with his math class to explore the volume of shapes. He also uses the 3D printer to create models to explain concepts to his students. They are using Sketch Up and Tinkercad to create their designs.

Grade 8 Civil War websites

Katrina Spicer-Lindquist's history class created Google sites to share facts and figures of the Civil War. Working in groups of three, students first researched their topic, then used Google Sheets to create graphs and charts. Finally, they pulled their information together in a website. Here is an example created by Peter, Angie and Elliot.

And that's not all!

These are just some of the projects completed this year. Alice is using Quizlet as part of her Google Classroom to help students learn vocabulary, Students are creating blogs and digital portfolios. Sixth graders are learning how to organize notes and create bibliographies using NoodleTools.Teachers are continuing to find new ways to use their iPads in their classrooms. I'm looking forward to the spring and more opportunities to incorporate technology in meaningful ways into our classrooms.