Noble 8 fold path

By Harry Thomas

What it is

The Nobel 8 fold path is:

Right vision

Right emotion

Right speech

Right action

Right Liveliness

Right effort

Right mindfulness

Right meditation

Right Vision

Right vision is understanding that life always involves change and suffering and to live this way you would love someone when they were alive but not miss someone when there dead.

Right Emotion

Right emotion is having a good emotion control and committing Yourself wholeheartedly following the path. so to live in this way you would have to control your emotions and to follow the other steps.

Right Speech

Right Speech is to speak correctly not slang and to be helpful and also to speak the truth. So to follow this step you would have to speak correctly and use proper words and to also not tell lies.

Right action

Right action is to not harm other humans and not take drugs

Right livelihood

Right livelihood is doing jobs that do not harm others but help others. so an example of right livelihood is being a fire fighter because they are not hurting others but helping by saving theirs lives.

Right Effort

Right Effort is thinking in a kindly and positive way and also putting a your effort in to anything. So to live this step correctly Effort into anything you do even if you don't like it and also thinking in the right way

Right mindfulness

Right Mindfulness is being fully aware of yourself, other people and the world around you.

So to live this step you have to be aware of where you are and other peoples emotions for example if you have lots of food and someone doesn't have any you would give them it.

Right Meditation

Right Meditation is training the mind to be calm and positive in order to develop Wisdom and to concentrate. so live this you would have to learn how not to get distracted.