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Mrs. Eckenrode's Classroom Newsletter

Ask Me About...

Here are just a few of the things you can ask your kindergartner about from this past week:

This week we learned about some of the traditions that people have around Christmas and during Kwanzaa. Can your kindergartner tell you how many days Kwanzaa lasts? (7)

We visited various centers that focused on the numbers in the teens. Can your child count forward to 20 and backward from 20 and write the numbers in the teens when asked out of order?

We enjoyed a popular Jan Brett booked titled The Wild Christmas Reindeer. We imagined what it would be like to have our own pet reindeer and wrote about them. I challenged the class to write more than one sentence and encouraged them to include more details in their writing. And boy, did they rise to meet or exceed the challenge! Everyone wrote more than one sentence, and some even wrote four sentences! Please feel free to encourage your child to write more during Wednesday night's homework with the sentences. You will be just as impressed as I was with what they can produce!

We practiced writing and using the letter L and realized that a lot of us have L's in either our first or last names. Can your child name some classmates' names with the letter L in them?

We added the words have, he, and she to our word wall this week. Remember that the goal is to know how to read and write at least 15 words by the end of January. I truly appreciate you having your child practice the words I sent home in the beginning of the year. It is so exciting to see how many of the students already know the words I introduce because of you working with them, and those students are so proud of themselves!

In library, Mrs. Robinson also focused on Christmas and Kwanzaa. They read Christmas by Brenda Haugen, parts of Seven Candles for Kwanzaa by Andrea Davis Pinkney, and Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini.

Sneak Preview

Here are some things your kindergartner will do in the upcoming week:

  • We will have our Holiday Party on Monday from 10:15-11:15. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help or send in goodies!
  • We will create word wall trees to help us review all of the words we should know.
  • We will get together with our 6th grade buddy class to have a Sing Along and do other holiday activities.
  • We will show great school spirit and enjoy Pajama Day on Wednesday!

Important Dates

Monday, December 21st: Winter Holiday Party (10:15-11:15)
Wednesday, December 23rd:
Pajama Day
Winter Break
Friday, January 9th: Flyers Day
Monday, January 19th: MLK Jr. Day (No School)
Wednesday, January 28th: End of Marking Period 2 (Oh my!)

Holiday Wishes Board

Dr. Garvin has invited all of the Kutz community to share their holiday photo cards with the rest of the school. If you have any extra cards, we'd love for you to send one in so that we can display it in our lobby. (Note the shameless way I included my own family card to show off my own cuties:))

Pictures of the Week