4B Post Assessment

By: Irenia Strickland

Asch (Line Experiment)

Myra is the smartest girl in our group. When we were answering review questions, she always answered first with the correct answer and students repeated the answer she gave. Then she began telling the wrong answers and students still repeated her response despite what they circled on their paper.

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment)

In dorms we have counselors, instead of teachers, to supervise us. The supervisors take orders from Upward Bound coordinator. When the coordinator is around, the counselors act very nice to us students and try to be somewhat strict to impress him; however, when the coordinator is not around, the counselors change and act totally different as if they are the coordinator which is really not cool to the students. The coordinators act bossy and change their tone towards the students.

Milgram (Obedience Experiment)

In class at Upward Bound, a coordinator came in to observe the class. The students are very serious about their work and cry whenever they fail a task. The coordinator comes in and tells the teacher to fail an assignment that a student has turned in. The teacher does as instructed and the student frowns. Next the coordinator tells the teacher to fail another assignment from the same student; in response the students begins to tear up. The teacher begins to feel bad for the student seeing the tears form on his face, and wants to stop failing the student, but with the presence of the coordinator so close, the teacher cannot. The teacher is instructed to fail another assignment and the students bails out and cries all day long.


At Upward Bound we have several groups. My group and I we love to laugh a lot. Another girl from the younger, more serious group came over to try and talk to us. We were laughing at inside jokes and she faked many laughs in attempt to fit in with us and our conversation.


At Upward Bound we have students who must obey teachers; teachers who must obey administrators; administrators who must obey coordinators; and coordinates who must obey federal department of education.


Over the summer when we have to stay on State campus for academic camp we have a curfew and lights out limit every night. My roommate and I were in favor of staying up all night, but we both decided to follow the rules and shut lights out at the given time. With no lights on we both were forced to go to sleep out of boredom.

Fundamental Attribution Error

At academic camp over the summer at Upward Bound some students played beach volleyball outside the dorms. Michael was stretching before the game began and his ex girlfriend tripped over his foot. Michael was mad that he thought she kicked him, but in actuality, she did not see his foot there.

Self-serving Bias

One of my classes at UB was calculus. Precalculus in regular school was hard for me so I doubted my chances of receiving a good grade over the summer. In my mind I knew if I passed it was because I actually worked hard for that A or B; in contrast I knew if I failed it was because my precalculus teacher was a horrible instructor.


In the cafeteria on morning a group of my friends and other campers in the dorm boycotted breakfast because it was the same boring thing every morning. I never stopped to realize that the cooks woke up early to cook this food that no one will eat and their feelings must be crushed. (This did not really happen, just an example:)

Group Polarization

One Saturday session I was randomly selected to participate in a group activity. The group activity was to grant grants to applications we received. We were to budget the money we had to give with surrounding groups in order to give an applicant some of its asking amount. In my group 70% voted not to pay for silverware listed on the application. The 30% debated with the other portion for some time and the 70% reduced to about 25%. The end result was that we agreed to grant award to silverware and other expenses. That day we learned debating skills and how to grant grants.