Ways Humans Effect Our Oceans

By: Maddy Propps

Oil Spills

There are organization that help and clean up clean up after an oil spill saving many marine animals from dying due to the chemicals released into the water.

Founded in 1971, IBR has been saving birds and marine life from oil spills. Each year they save around 5,000 birds including pelicans, herons, albatrosses, and other aquatic species.

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Damaging Coral Reefs With Chemicals

Chemicals included in pesticides and fertilizers runoff into our oceans and kill reefs destroying thousands of animals homes.

Unused subway cars were placed in the ocean to give animals homes and act as artificial coral reefs.

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Leaving Trash On Beaches

Many things are effected by garbage in the ocean. Fish can get caught in nets, they can choke on trash , and they can be harmed by chemicals in the trash.

An organization called San Diego Coastkeeper frequently go out and clean up our beaches.

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Building Off-Shore Oil Rigs Forcing Marine Life To Evacuate

These large oil oil rigs scare away the marine life forcing them to leave and find a new area to live in.

On the other hand when a oil rig is out of use and is abandoned it makes a great home for a variety of animals.

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Tourist Damaging Habitats

When tourist come and visit a ocean they want to go and see the reefs. But this really isn't good for the habitats because over time this tourist kill the reefs.

Luckily there has been a law set in Massachusetts saving a reef and turning it into a sanctuary meaning nobody can disturb the amazing reef.

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