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I want to share a little bit about what is happening in the Teaching and Learning department as well as with IT. I have been approached by many staff about STEM clock hour support. I will be creating three more opportunities for STEM hours from the district( In April and May). If this is not enough for you and your needs I encourage you to take advantage of some of these other opportunities from ESD 113:


For more options please visit: ESD 113 PD ENROLLER

As a department we are beginning the planning phases for next year of moving from an introduction of UDL to an action plan. This planning has been refreshing! I always found as a teacher that starting to plan for the next year helped me focus on the positives that occurred and things I would change. From my new role, looking at better ways to communicate and to support initiatives is refreshing and uplifting.

IT continues to repair and put computers back into circulation. We also have large projects on the horizon. Coming soon, when IT is done in your room you will see this card. This is a card to let you know we were there and what we did. I always liked to know when someone was in the classroom! You can also fill out the back in regards to our service and send it back to the District Office if you would like. Our goal is customer service. At the end of the year we will be asking for a survey as well.

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