People who persevered

never let anything defeat you

People who persevered

The Andes survivors

What obstacles they overcame

The Andes survivors have went through traumatic experiences. They had to overcome their own adversities to stay alive. Everyone was so overwhelmed with the situations they were in. When the plane crashed the firs thing people did was look for other survivors. They looked for luggage's for clothing and warmth. Also the ripped off seat covers for blankets. They were very noble because they learned tricks to survive the cold and the sun rays. They melted snow for water and used some of the woman's makeup for sunscreen. People had different jobs everyday to try to resolve and keep things normal. The Andes survivors eventually had to eat people when it came down to it. Some people managed to get out and survive. They triumphed over adversities when they were saved.

The real definition of perseverance

My personal definition pf perseverance is to not let anyone stand in your way of doing something you want to do. I say this because when you let someone stand in your way your not persevering. But if you choose to stay and fight for what you want and not give up that's the true meaning of perseverance. Not giving up and letting someone stand in your way. You stay and fight for what you want.